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What differentiates from other betting sites?

Our online interface has been designed to be easy to navigate and understand for all users and lovers of sports in any part of the world. We also have an edge over other platforms by having novel tailor-made prediction algorithms and providing well researched football match forecasts that are properly categorized, including the most recent odds offered by bookmakers, we also stay up to date in all matches and sport activities in every league, both local and international leagues.

How do I become a Member?

You can become a member simply by registering for free at

How are your website predictions picked?

Algorithms are run to identify potential games on multiple leagues and our experts make forecasts and picks on the results. We also provide match previews, reports and blog about everything football betting. So, our users are regularly updated with the latest happenings in the world of sports through our social media pages.

We use relevant statistics and trends to determine our predictions, and maintain a high average accuracy. Although there are no absolute assurances in sports betting, we apply tested risk management and learning strategies that ensure more profits than losses.

Does also show tips on various markets in other kind of sports?

Definitely!! ... If you are interested in Basketball, Tennis, or Rugby, we offer tips on various markets in other sports too. is for all sports lovers who want to use expert knowledge of the game to beat the bookmakers and make profits.

Why do I have to pay for some categories?

We provide free quality tips at all levels and you can make your picks from these tips. Given the financial implication of running this platform, from data, hosting, software and programs, design, implementation, technicalities and troubleshooting etc coupled with our desire to find, compensate, retain and motivate our experts to make near accurate picks daily, we have certain paid content. Subscribing to these categories keeps the platform going and the experts repay your faith by tailoring picks and content for you to attempt to keep you in profit.

What are Banker Predictions?

The Banker prediction categories are predictions done by our experts by combining expertly researched games that are very likely to come through. These experts have a very high conviction that the options chosen for the games in this category are likely to come through even in some cases of a slight upset. The experts are encouraged to select options that they are confident of and these options are even downgraded to a lower risk option and the games are combined to get the desired odds. The same rules of responsible betting is encouraged to be applied to these categories and they should not be seen as “sure” games.

Are these real football predictions and how possible is it to mostly have accurate predictions? is a top football prediction website that guarantees real football predictions on every market available. Every day of the week, our team of expert analysts and statisticians work tirelessly to guarantee our daily returns on their stake. On the, profit is our watchword and we are in this business to provide you with predictions that will suit your taste and make your time worth the click.

Also, we know you hate losing money, that's why we are here to get you back on track. In essence we make your bets ensured. Our algorithm for sports match predictions is supported by professional expert sports analysts, who employ cutting edge research and analytical tools to predict near accurate outcomes. They use a unique method based on statistics, history and any other factor that affects each match to support the automated system and ensure we make near accurate forecasts, in order to increase your chances of making profits.